Buffo’s Wake – Carniphobia (2014)

Recorded by Nick Howiantz at Sussex University.
Overdubs by Tom Bailey.

Mixed and mastered by James Billinge at Balanced Audio.

Artwork designed by Rachel Nicholls, Andy Hansen and Felicia Forsell of Small Type Design.

All songs written and arranged by Buffos Wake, except track 10 which is a traditional Russian folk song based on a poem by Nikolay Nekrasov. Arranged by Buffos Wake.

Lead vocals by Nathan Carter.
Violins by Becca Wright.
Acoustic guitars by Jack E.
Accordions by Vita Sunter and Mike Milner.
Double bass by Tom Bailey.
Drums by Daryl Roddick.
Electric guitars by Daryl Roddick, Jack E. and Tom Bailey.
Backing vocals by Nathan Carter, Tom Bailey, Jack E., Mike Milner, Darly Roddick, Cleo Dibb and Bryony Devitt.
Percussion, Xylophone, Glockenspiels, Wine glasses and Ebows by Tom Bailey.
Trumpet by Tommy Peach.
Saxophone and Clarinet by Elma Houghton.
Singing Saw by Felix Vandersluis.
Suzaphone by Alan Sokell.
Trombone by Sid Bailey.
Mandolin by Jim Gallagher.
Cellos and Hammond organ by Tom Bailey.
Banjo by Sam Salter.
Pianos by Sam Bailey.


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